About Us

About Us

The FlexFit Hose Story

FlexFit Hose was founded in 2009 within a Hub Zone of the City of Baltimore, MD, when three partners, including two from within this same line of business, saw the opportunity to better meet the demand for industrial hose products across multiple markets. At the time of start-up, a lack of quality and sub-standard customer service were norms in the industry. Recognizing how this adversely impacted production, the company made a commitment to providing high-quality industrial hose assemblies and delivering products to their customers faster. This, they knew, would help reduce their customers’ production downtime – something atypical among competitors and still true today.

After finding it hard to rely on others for manufacturing quality industrial hose fittings and meeting time constraints, FlexFit Hose invested in CNC precision machines, bringing them in-house, along with hiring highly qualified programmers. The company has continued to grow in revenue and size each year since opening its doors. It maintains a high level of client satisfaction, as well as repeat business among direct sale customers, sourcing and distribution partners.

FlexFit Hose helps decrease your production downtime!

Ideally, manufacturing equipment for analytical and process control applications should be connected with the most reliable industrial hose assemblies to decrease production downtime and minimize product loss.

  • We help you make faster connections to start-up or restart your production line by using the correct hose fittings and no adapters.
  • We design custom solutions to enhance your processes! For example, using a smaller size hose fitting with a larger industrial hose to control flow or connect disparate manufacturing systems.
  • We accommodate what you require!
  • Smaller or larger quantities of Industrial Hose Assemblies, or hose and hose fittings in bulk
  • Industrial hose assembly options, such as color coding, tagging and high/low temperature protection
  • Custom solutions at reasonable prices

FlexFit Hose is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise

We are a Minority Business Enterprise ( MBE ) – Baltimore City certification #11-358184. Please let us know if we can help your company or project with any diversity spend needs.